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The Design Act, 2000 was repealed and replaced by the Act that was first introduced in 1911. The Designs Act 2000 and the Design Rules 2001 regulate registration and protection of Indian designs.
Designs (Amendment to Rules) Rules 2008, and Designs (Amendment to Rules 2014 further modified the 2001 Design Rules. This Act’s latest developments include the creation of a new category for applicants that is incorporated under the identity of small entities in addition to natural persons.



The Design Act, 2000 requires that a design be registered and protected by the Act.
  1. Original and unique design. It must not have been published or used in any other country prior to the date of application for registration.
  2. The design features are the shapes, patterns and configurations that are applied to or applied to an article are the crux of the design.
  3. Design should be seen with the eyes. It doesn’t matter what the method of creation or application was.
    It shouldn’t include trademarks, artistic works or property marks.
  4. Your design must be distinct from other registered designs.
  5. Registering designs that are similar or identical to existing designs, even if they are slightly different, is not possible.


First, it is important to note that the application for registration of a design can be made to five different authorities.
  • Controller Designs Patent Office in Kolkata
  • Patent office in Delhi
  • Ahmedabad Patent Office
  • Mumbai Patent Office
  • Patent office Chennai
Applications submitted at any of the four offices in Delhi or Mumbai, Chennai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, will be redirected to the Kolkata head office. The following describes the procedure to file for a design registration.
  1. You must submit the application with Form 1 along with the following information: Name of applicant. – The address of the applicant. – The applicant’s nationality. – If the applicant is not a natural individual, i.e. a company, etc. Information about the location of incorporation and its legal status must be included. – The applicable fee.
  2. The article containing the design’s class and sub-class under the Locarno Classification.
  3. Name of the article on which the design is applied. Illustration of the design. Two copies of the design must be submitted if the design is more than two-dimensional. Two copies must be submitted for a three-dimensional design. The applicant should also highlight any unique characteristics that set it apart from other designs.
  4. Each class must have its own application if the applicant wishes to register the design in more classes.
  5. Each representation relating to mechanical processes, trademarks, letters, numbers, etc. must include a statement of disclaimer/novelty.
  6. It should be signed by the applicant, or an authorized person for the applicant, and date each representation.
  7. The patent office will review the application after it is submitted. If there are any objections, they will raise them. The patent office will issue a copyright certificate to the design after all objections have been removed or cleared.
  8. The validity of the registration of the design lasts for ten years after the date of registration.
  9. You can extend the registration period for another five years by submitting a Form-3 application and paying Rs 2000(subject to change, as per govt. guidelines) fee.


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  4. Congratulations your registration process is completed, we will send your registration certificates on mail.

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