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Unique Trademark Registration in India

Trademark or Brand Registration

A trademark is a mark that uniquely identifies you, your business, your products, or the services you provide. Clearly stated, it is a mark of your trade. It is your Brand. There are many ways for you to define your Brand. You can use a name as your Trademark, you can use a smell, you can use a shape, or you can use an image. Regardless of your choice, you will have a unique identity. That being said, it is also essential to protect this identity through online trademark logo registration in India.

What is Trademark Registration?

It is an IPR or an Intellectual Property Right. It is a right through which you can be the exclusive owner of your Trademark in the eyes of the law. As a result:

  • You will have exclusive ownership of the mark.
  • The cases of trademark infringement can decrease.
  • You can assign your Trademark and, therefore, sell it.
  • You can license your Trademark to someone else.

Long point short, through trademark registration, you can get the exclusive right to use your mark for your trade. If someone tries to use your mark by chance, you can file an opposition case against that person for financial damages.

Trademark Classes

There are a total of 45 trademark classes in the country, and all the products and services are categorized into these classes

Some of the famous trademark classes in India are:

  • Class 9: for trademarking computer, software, and electronics-related products and services
  • Class 25: For trademarking clothing and apparel brands
  • Class 35: For trademarking business management and advertising services.
  • Class 41: For trademarking education and entertainment-related products and services.

Seek consultancy before Registration

As you might have already gathered, common laymen won’t be able to conduct the trademark registration procedure. But of course, you can try, but for guaranteed results, you need the aid of trademark registration agents. Registrationwala is a team of trademark registration experts. We shall organize your documents, we shall file your application, and until your Trademark is published, we will be with you at every step of the way and then some.

For further online trademark registration in India inquiries, you can contact our experts.


Eligibility Criteria for Trademark Registration in India

How to register a trademark in India online? Before one moves to register the Brand logo, one must ensure that they have observed all the relevant pre-conditions before filing for a Trademark Registration. Therefore, we have enlisted the eligibility criteria for online trademark registration in India below for you:

  • A trademark must be unique.
  • A trademark should not be deceptively similar to an existing one.
  • A trademark should be distinct from an existing one.


Documents Required for Trademark or Brand Registration in India

Online Trademark Registration Document requirements

Different business entities can apply for their Brand’s logo registration. Accordingly, their need for required documents to be attested with the trademark registration application differs. Therefore, along with the document requirements, we have mentioned the relevant documents to be submitted according to the nature of the applicant’s business.


  • Identity proof
  • Business registration document


  • Shops Establishment License
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Address proof of the company

Partnership firm

The Partnership Deed


Process for online Trademark Registration in India

Online Trademark Registration process in India

There are several benefits of registering a Trademark with the authorities. But How does one apply online for a Trademark? You must first obtain the trademark registration certificate to bask in the registration benefits. The steps of such a certification are as follows:

Step 1: Trademark Search

Before filing the registration application with the RoT, every applicant must conduct a Trademark Search in India. To conduct a Trademark Check operation in India, the applicant must consult the appropriate consultancy, which can conduct a thorough Trademark Search on your chosen logo. If the trademark design is unique, the applicant can proceed with the online trademark application filing.

Step 2: Application filing

First, you need to file the online trademark registration application. When filing this application, you need to make sure that you have access to all the requirements, namely:

  • Your ID proof
  • The Digital Signature certificate
  • Your mark
  • Your address proof

Step 3: Submit Application

Submitting the application leads to the Registrar of Trademarks receiving it. The examiner then checks the application and carefully creates and examination report.

Step 4: Application Assessment

The examination report can either yield positive or negative results. You shall be notified about the report by the department. Or, you will have to make a trademark registration inquiry to get the answers.

Step 5: Publishing the Trademark

The trademark application is accepted and will be published in the trademark journal.

Step 6: RoT registers the Trademark

Once in the journal, it shall remain published for four months. During this period, the general public can check the journal. Then, if the general public doesn’t oppose you trying to register the Trademark, your Trademark shall be registered. Then, the RoT will issue the applicant the trademark registration certificate.


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