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As per the GST law, every individual/Company/LLP registered under the GST Act has to furnish the details of sales, purchases and the tax paid by filing for GST returns with the administrative authorities. As a business person/ firm, one of your first priorities will be to do is GST return filing. Hence, knowing the ropes can help you make the process smoother and simpler. While filing a GST return, you are supposed to provide all the particulars related to your business activities, like the tax liability declarations, tax payments and also any other related information as per instructions provided by the government. The GST return filing process has to be done electronically in the GST portal. A facility has to be offered for the manual process of GST return filing tasks. This facility helps the business taxpayer in India to prepare the return offline and then upload it on GSTN through the facilitation center. There are also various components of GST returns filing that you need to know about. The GST return mainly includes output GST on the sales, input tax credits as per GST paid while making the purchases, and also includes the total sales. In order to file the GST return, the purchase invoices and GST compliant sales are needed.

Documents of GST Registration of Company

  1. GSTR-1 – Quarterly GST Return if the turnover is less than 1.5 Crores
  2. GSTR-1 – Monthly GST Return if the turnover is more than 1.5 Crores
  3. GSTR-2 – Filing currently suspended
  4. GSTR-3 – Filing currently suspended
  5. GSTR-3B – Monthly for all category of taxpayer
  6. GSTR-4 – Quarterly return for composition scheme
  7. GSTR-5 – For Non-resident
  8. GSTR-5A – Non-resident providing OIDAR
  9. GSTR-6 – Monthly Return for Input service distributors
  10. GSTR-7 – Monthly – TDS Return under GST
  11. GSTR-8 – Monthly Return for E-commerce Operator
  12. GSTR-9 – Annual Return of GST

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